Directions to Notsu-machi

The access to here. Alone and group.

From Fukuoka

By car
Get off from Mera IC and go to Saeki on National road No 10. It takes about 30 mins.

Express: Hakata station , Kagoshima Up-line Via Kokura,
Nippo Mainline Usuki station Oita bus (To Mie) ,Get off at Notsu-machi,

JR Kyusyu Fukuoka Time table

From Kumamoto

By car
Get off from Inukai IC and pass on the bridge.
Turn right at Kubaru crossing and go to Notsumachi on Natinakl road No 10. It takes about 15 mins.

Express: Kumamoto station , Kyusyu Oudan Express up-line(To Oita)
Houhi Mainline Mie-machi station ,Oita bus To Usuki bus stop

JR Kyusyu Kumamoto Time table

From Miyazaki

By car
Get off from Kitagawa IC and Go to Bungoono-Miecho on National road No 326.
Turn right at Miebaru crossing and Go to Notsumachi on National road No 502. It takes about 1 hour 40 mins .

Express: Miyazaki Station , Nichirin Express(To Oita),
Nippo Mainline Usuki station,Oita bus(To Mie), Notsuichi

JR kyusyu Miyazaki Time table.

From Oita

By car
Get on National road No.10 to Notsu-machi from Oita station. About 45 mins.

Local train: Oita station , Nippo Mainline(To Saeki), Usuki station. Oita bus (to Mie) , Notsuichi

JR kyusyu Oita Time table.