What is “Green Tourism”?

You can enjoy natures, cultures, communication with people and agriculture in farm villages.
Not only you are able to experience of agriculture but you can enjoy talking with people of the village and play in the rivers and also insect catching.
The purposes of the Green Tourism are to make memories and get back of the spiritual wealth.
Visited by people from out of the region, the whole villages can be revitalized and we suppose it can promote to make the olds in the villages to have something to live for and places where they can be themselves.

About “Kicchomu san” Green Tourism?

In August.2002, we started the workshop of “Kicchomu-san’s village Green Tourism”.

The story how we made a start of this workshop is like this.
Companions who promote Kicchomu’(this is the synonym for Notsu-machi )’s stories full of witness gathered together
and enjoyed talking of those stories all night long with who had interests in it.
From the thoughts of the aging society of the farmers in Nozu making the villages
to be revitalized with delight, they started farm village staying.
At that time there were only five accommodations.
But now, there are more than thirty families became the member of the workshop and became hosts of the accommodations.
The members would like to widen the circle through the activities of Green Tourism and they also would like to have purposes in their lives and contribute to revitalization of the town.
In recent years, the visitors from Korea, Holland and Singapore are increasing and the reciprocal flow of feeling that each hosts treat as the most important can beyond the language barriers and expanding the circles of visitors’ commune as a new hometown of Japan.

① We are managing these activities mainly as nongovernment citizen.

② Once in a month, we have regular meeting and share the information with members and also try to improve cooking abilities by bringing a dish he/she had cooked him/her-selves.

③ To improve the qualities of hosting, we thorough safety and hygiene management.
   (All families have to)
   ・Get insurance for vehicle with passengers
   ・Get a license for the safety of foods
   (Some of families have)
   ・License of Crime Prevention Management
   And we hold lecturer classes of life saving every year and one in a year we have a lecture class of food hygiene.

About Notsu-machi

Notsu-cho is a village of agriculture in Usuki city in Oita prefecture.
The region is full of nature that is rich and plentiful and the calm climate.

About Kicchomu san

Notsu-machi is famous for “Notsu’s kicchomu san”
who was said to be full of witness and remarkable talent.
The stories of Kicchomu san have been always popular
with lots of people in Oita prefecture and are still so.
He, Kicchomu san was said that he was always a friend of
the common folks who were suffering
from collection of land tax and he helped them with his witness.