Introduction to educational travel

The new style of education with “living”.

Our seminar accepts educational travels which allow you to staying in farm villages.
In “staying in farm” you will experience ordinary family lives in the farm villages.
In rich nature, you can see ‘barns’ which is to put family Buddhist altar
for respects their ancestors and agricultural machinery.
For students, those things are the extraordinary.
It might be a surprise, discovery and impression for them.

❶About the form of Oita prefecture

Farm stay in Nozu-machi takes style of the “form of Oita prefecture” .
After a ceremony of welcoming to the village,
the tourists divide into some groups and go back to the home
with your host family and spend time with them until the farewell ceremony.
During your stay, you can experience programs
which are provided by your host family like agriculture, handicraft and cooking.
It’s not like staying hotels or guesthouse, you will stay as a member of family,
you are going to do prepare meals and clean-up and bed making by yourself.
Basically, you will look after yourself and that is the character of farm stay.

❷ About the programs of farm stay

1.Experience of agriculture
In the fields, truck farm and orchard you will learn the importance of working in a sweat and foods.

2.Experience in fishing village
Outing to the riverside, mountain‐walking,
bamboo handicrafts which you can seldom experience in a large city.

3.Experience of cooking
You will cook dinner with the vegetables you harvested and enjoy cooking local dishes none but in county side.

❸The characters of the seminar of Kitchom-san’s green village tourism.

●Possible to experience of agriculture in a big group
In our seminar, we provide farms for experience so it is possible to experience agriculture with about 100 people together at the same time.

●Easy to access
From the center of the town to each host family, it takes 5-20 minutes by car.
So it’s easy to patrol and we can respond to an emergency immediately.

●Expanding the area of the sea
Usuki city is a region faces toward the sea, too.
Because of this, we provide programs of beach seine and teach how to fillet fish.

●The town of history
In an urban area of Usuki is taste of little Kyoto, you can look around a castle town,
historical walking and have a look around a national treasure
“stone image of the Buddha”.
You can look around factories of soybean paste and soy souse and learn the history of
brewing because Usuki city is one of the prominent places of brewing.

❹Supporting system・safety administration

・In Usuiki city office, there are officers in Charge of green tourism so we cooperate with administration and conduct hosting.

・We have regular meeting and share the information with members so we can accept guests with unified consciousness.

・In case of you get injury or became ill during your stay, host families are sure to contact the secretariat and under the instructions of the leader, they make efforts to do accurate treatment.

・It takes 30 minutes from the city center of Nozu-machi to a general hospital which I able to night operation and emergency reception.

❺An example of schedule(for one night)

    13:30 Ceremony of welcoming, face to your host family
    14:00 move to each home and introduce yourself,
          explanation of the house, start your experience programs
    17:00 prepare dinner
    18:00 dinner, spend time with host family, bath time
    22:00 go to bed

     6:30 wake up, prepare breakfast
     7:00 have breakfast
     9:00 In a farm, experience group agriculture
    11:00 prepare lunch
    12:00 have lunch and clean up
    13:30 farewell party and goodbye to your host family


Place for application for school trips

Incorporated foundation Association of Japan school trip  Osaka branch
〒541-0046 Osaka city, Chuou-ku, Hirano- cho 1-7-3 BRAVI Kitahama 8F
TEL:06-6209-7797 / FAX:06-6209-7798

Place for application for the others (like farm staying)

Secretariat of Seminar of Kicchomu-san’s village green tourism
〒875-0201 Oita prefecture, Usuki city, Notsu-machi Notsu-ichi 949
TEL:0974-32-7181 / FAX:0974-32-7764

If there’s any unclear points or you would like to request for information materials
please contact Secretariat of Seminar of Kitchom-san’s village green tourism.