Host family

Please see the details of each home from the blog .


Tonchino ie

Funny granpa and kind gramma are making peaceful place.

miki house

House of Usuki wisdom and history, come and expand your knowledge

Nikkino ki

Living with cute goat and cute with lots of nature.

Chayano hana

The view from the house on hill brings refreshing feeling. And there is cute puppy waiting for you.

Goraku an

Broad lawn and rice field is expanded. Outdoor oven at our garden, let’s enjoy pizza here.


Place for your serenity and peaceful stay. Fresh bamboo shoots harvesting available in spring season.


Fun and cheerful granpa and gramma are waiting for your visit. The house is in front of Kujunoto (Nine-storey Pagoda).

Obatakeno ie

At the clean night, let’s come out to the garden and enjoy stars covered sky.

love family

The house is at the small hill and very tranquil. Very natural house where even wild deer come to visit.


Kagura(sacred music and dance) is near the house. And mother is interesting kicchomu teller.

Tsukichanno ie

Cooking loving gramma’s house. You can learn amazing recipes from her.


sweets cooking and masuko-gramma’s original konnyaku cooking. And we have killifish!

Jyugoya usagi

The flowers in the garden change from season to season. We are English loving dad and cooking loving mom.


Good at field flower arrangement. It is the scenery of satoyama in front of the house.


natural spring water comes out near the house. We make liquor from the clean and clear water.


house surrounded with organic vegetable and many roses. Outdoor oven for Pizza in the garden.


we accept visitors with three generations. You will see a cute baby here.

Momijino sato

Enjoy relaxing breeze, our house is at the hill. You can join rice field harvesting and seeding.


A perfect farm village house for spending serene moment

Mochino ki

The house on a river and there you find fireflies and flowers from season to season.


we keep cows and grow vegetables. In the spring and summer you can enjoy young cow petting.


Here you can see the nature, meet deer and fireflies. And at the backyard you can take warabi and fukinotou.

Sakino kazuchan

you can play at riverside or fishing near the house. You can refresh here.

Satono ie

gentle mother and cheerful father, you will find yourself enjoying in this place.

Hanano kino ie

you can enjoy from season to season food using organic vegetables.


here you find three generations. Mommy and her amazing food are waiting for you3


you can play at riverside, and when the season comes you can enjoy fireflies watching.

Mizuchino ie

Perfect for walking, street of golden bamboo near the house.


We make veggies at the field around the house. You can experience the harvesting.

Kakurano yado

It is a tranquil place where you hear the sound of river. There is spring water near the house.

Yasashii Jikan

Time goes by slowly here. Shall we talk around Japanese traditional fireplace?

Yunoki No ie

It is a house commanding a fine view. Friendly dad and mom are waiting for you to come.


I’m good at local cuisin of fish. You can play in the riverside near the house.


We have natural spring water near the house and, You can spend peaceful days in the middle of nature.